I am producing CDF's using a CDFDeploy command of the form

CDFDeploy["outfile", "infile", WindowSize -> 900]

and then post links to the resulting CDFs on Blackboard. This works fine in principle, however, the resulting CDFs do not respect cell indentation, so all cells extend from the left edge of the browser window to the right edge. Is there a way to produce a CDF that has the same margins as the source notebook?

Here is the what the "web-embeddable CDF" looks like:

enter image description here

and this is a "standalone CDF"

enter image description here

The web-embeddable version has the advantage that it shows no cell brackets. This also means that if there are hidden cells (hidden input, most importantly), then that will be completely missing and not accessible. This would be ideal for publishing (when I don't want people to be able to see the input), but the downside is that all indentation is gone (both on the left and the right)

The standalone CDF has all the formatting right, but it retains the cell brackets (on mouse-over), and allows users to interact with them, including opening hidden input cells.

I'd like a CDF that looks like the standalone version, but does not show cell brackets or any hidden cells, at all.

  • $\begingroup$ Is this about web plugin? $\endgroup$ – Kuba Sep 15 '16 at 5:46
  • $\begingroup$ No, at least I don't think so. $\endgroup$ – Pirx Sep 15 '16 at 11:38
  • $\begingroup$ "left edge of the browser window" - what does it mean then? $\endgroup$ – Kuba Sep 15 '16 at 11:39
  • $\begingroup$ I'll add some images to my original post later today. $\endgroup$ – Pirx Sep 15 '16 at 11:40

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