I am trying to use FormFunction[] to input data in my notebook. As it shows up when using FormFunction in a notebook (no web deploy) no default values are displayed (even if specified) only empty input fields although the defaults are returned correctly when accepting the Form.

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Bug or feature ? Is there any option to enable the initial display of default values?

Meanwhile I came up with the following solution:

FormFunctionInit[l_, "Init" -> True] :=  
 FormFunction[FormObject[l][Cases[l, (a_ -> b_ -> c_) :> (a -> c)]]]  

FormFunctionInit[l_, ___] :=

form = FormFunctionInit[
    "x1" -> "Number" -> 1,  
    "x2" -> "Number" -> 2,  
    "x3" -> "Number",  
    "x4" -> "Number" -> 4  
    }, "Init" -> True  

input = form[] // Normal

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out[[3]]= {x1->1, x2->2, x3->55, x4->4}

Any suggestions for improvement avoiding my custom code?


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I think you are most likely looking for the Input format. In the Details and Options section of FormFunction it specifies that you can have this form


inserts the inputs given into the form specified by FormFunction before evaluating the effect of the FormFunction.

     "x1" -> <|"Interpreter" -> "Number", "Input" -> 1|>,
     "x2" -> <|"Interpreter" -> "Number", "Input" -> 2|>,
     "x3" -> "Number",
     "x4" -> <|"Interpreter" -> "Number", "Input" -> 4|>}][]

enter image description here

Notice: If you complete x3 field e.g. with number 3 then it returns the default (input) values for x1,x2,x3. In that case there is no need for a "Default". I am not sure though how these two are contrasted.

  Out= <|"x1" -> 1, "x2" -> 2, "x3" -> 3, "x4" -> 4|>

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