I am trying to export a rasterized density plot with vector axes and vector graphics overlayed. E.g.

plot1 = ListDensityPlot[list, Frame -> False, Axes -> False, PlotRangePadding -> None];
Inset[Rasterize[plot1, RasterSize -> 100], {0, 0}, {Left, Bottom},Scaled[{1, 1}]]
Export["path to file.svg",plot2];

This has always worked in previous versions of Mathematica, however, in Mathematica 11 it now exports all pixels in the rasterized bitmap as a separate vector graphic object. As a result, the export fails unless the raster size is very small.

Here is a minimal working example

plot2 = Rasterize[Graphics[Disk[]], RasterSize -> 10];
Export["plot.svg", plot2];

When I open plot.svg in Inkscape, rather than a single Image object there is a group of 240 Path objects representing each of the pixels, and each can each be selected.


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