Is it possible to make (Weighted)AdjacencyMatrix from a graph whose elements have custom properties?

Consider this graph:

g = Graph[{
      Property[DirectedEdge[0, 1], {"WaterFlow" -> x, "PipeWidth" -> 10.0}],
      Property[DirectedEdge[1, 2], {"WaterFlow" -> x + y, "PipeWidth" -> 8.5}],
      Property[DirectedEdge[2, 1], {"WaterFlow" -> y, "PipeWidth" -> 8.5}],
      Property[DirectedEdge[2, 3], {"WaterFlow" -> x, "PipeWidth" -> 10.0}]

enter image description here

How do I make one WeightedAdjacencyMatrix weighted by "WaterFlow" and another one weighted by "PipeWidth"?

For example, the one for "WaterFlow" would be:

enter image description here


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You could specify custom properties to set edge weights using undocumented option EdgeWeight:

WeightedAdjacencyMatrix[g, EdgeWeight -> "WaterFlow"] // MatrixForm

"WaterFlow" edge weight

WeightedAdjacencyMatrix[g, EdgeWeight -> "PipeWidth"] // MatrixForm

"PipeWidth" edge weight

Since this option is not documented, its behavior could be changed later though.


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