For some particular reasons I have a nested list, e.g.,


where the third dimension includes 3 elements: the function, its first and second derivatives. So basically, each entry of the third dimension looks like this:

{ 1 , {1,1,1} ,{{1,2,3},{1,2,3},{1,2,3}} }

I can't figure out how to delete cases in this nested list (NxMx3) in which the norm of the gradient, i.e. the vector {1,1,1}, is larger than a threshold value. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you!


One way is to use Pick:

ourlist = Table[{"f", RandomReal[1, 3], "f''"}, {2}, {5}]

 Map[Norm[#] <= 1. &, ourlist[[All, All, 2]], {2}],
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