I have a hunch that this is a straightforward variant of similar questions regarding how functions are evaluated by Plot, but this case has me stumped. Let's say I want to produce a plot of the density of water as a function of temperature. So I define

DensWater[temp_] := 
 ThermodynamicData["Water", "Density", 
     {"Temperature" -> Quantity[temp, "DegreesCelsius"]}]

I can call this function with any value for T such as DensWater[25.0] and I receive a result with an attached unit as expected. However, when I try to plot this function using

Plot[DensWater[T], {T, 10., 65.}]

I get ThermodynamicData::quant: T is not a real number.

I did try various ways to get this resolved, but somehow can't get the Plot command to work without giving error messages. What's the trick?

P.S.: Just to be clear, the Plot command does provide a plot in the end, I'm just surprised by the error message.


The above is just a minor annoyance, but if I define a function of two variables, say pressure and temperature like so:

DensAir[T_, p_] := 
 ThermodynamicData["Air", "Density", 
    {"Temperature" -> Quantity[T, "DegreesCelsius"], "Pressure" -> Quantity[p, "Pascals"]}]

and try to plot this using Plot3D, I get an empty plot. When plotting 2D slices of the above function using Plotthis function works as above (with error messages, but giving a plot).

  • $\begingroup$ Worked in M10.4 Linux - no error message. $\endgroup$
    – Sumit
    Aug 24, 2016 at 13:00

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Whenever you get the "XXX is not a real number" type of error message, a method to get around the error is to put a constraint on the pattern when you define the function to ensure that only real numbers will be evaluated:

DensWater[temp_?NumericQ] := 
   "Density", {"Temperature" -> Quantity[temp, "DegreesCelsius"]}];

You can see how this works via

(* DensWater[t] *)
(* Quantity[998.207, ("Kilograms")/("Meters")^3] *)

The first call does not get evaluated, because there's no pattern definition that matches. This fixes the error you get when you call Plot. One suggestion I have is that it's faster to make one call to the paclet for a list of temperatures than to repeatedly call the paclet for different temperatures. This gives your plot a bit faster (assuming you've quit the kernel, because ThermodynamicData caches the results),

DensWater[temp_?NumericQ | temp_List] := 
  "Density", {"Temperature" -> Quantity[temp, "DegreesCelsius"]}]
ListLinePlot[DensWater[Range[10, 60]]]

Now about the second issue, I can't seem to get Plot3D to work with data that has units. Using the same method as above, with DensAir[T_?NumericQ, p_?NumericQ]:= ......, I get no error message but I still get no plot unless I strip the Quantity head,

enter image description here

This seems like a bug to me. Also, when I try to use the trick above for giving lists directly to ThermodynamicData in two dimensions I get "ThermodynamicData::time: Calculation exceeded time limit" errors.


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