When a HoldComplete expression reaches the frontend, there will still be evaluation happening within it, namely for all expressions that have FormatValues.

For example

Format[myx, StandardForm] = "somethingelse";

displays as


If I choose another Form for which I have not defined FormatValues, the formatting is not applied:



Interestingly, SparseArray[{}, {2, 2}] displays differently from HoldComplete@SparseArray[{}, {2, 2}] (which stays unchanged) and I have not been able to find the ...Form that would format the SparseArray while inside HoldComplete. I have tried

Through[(Symbol /@ Names["System`*Form"])@
  HoldComplete@SparseArray[{}, {2, 2}]]

They must be using an internal codepath for that.

I'm also a bit surprised that many Forms besides StandardForm display HoldComplete@myx as HoldComplete[somethingelse], try

Through[(Symbol /@ Names["System`*Form"])@HoldComplete[myx]]

What's bitten me is also that Manipulate inside HoldComplete are evaluated:

HoldComplete[Manipulate[0, {x, Abort[]}]]



(interestingly, StandardForm@HoldComplete[Manipulate[0, {x, Abort[]}]] gives $Aborted without the extra []).

The workarounds seem to be to apply any of ToString, FullForm, OutputForm, InputForm...

On a final note: FormatValues of Manipulate shows a rule for MakeBoxes -- I thought you are supposed to define output formats by modifying Format[x, form]?!

Where can I learn more about output formatting and format time evaluations?

I found ref/Format, tutorial/DefiningOutputFormats and maybe tutorial/FormattedOutput. Anything else?

Aside I just noticed that all FormatValues report rules for MakeBoxes...



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