enter image description hereI am using mathematica to solve a coupled differential equation using NDSOlve and stuck with it. Could you please help me out to figure out the solution. My problem is

$$ A[\omega]:= A''[r]+\frac{f'[r]}{f[r]}A'[r]+\frac{\omega^2}{f[r]^2}-\frac{\mu^2}{f[r]}A[r]+\frac{\mu}{I \omega}S[r]=0 $$, $$ S''[r] + \frac{f'[r]}{f[r]}S'[r] + \frac{\omega^2}{f[r]^2}S[r]- \frac{1}{U[r]^2} h[r]=0 $$ and $$ S[r]=\frac{I \omega}{f[r]}(\mu A[r]+h'[r]-h[r]) $$


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Too long for comment: There's a difference between equation == and setting a variable=. In the NDSolve[] you appear to be "setting" h[0]=1 You need to change this to an equation ==, then quit the kernel (so that h[0] is "unset", and try running the code again.

As you failed to provide the code I cannot check if this is sufficient to run the code smoothly.

I would also like to advise you that it is considered bad form to use single capital letter variables like A.

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