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I would like to divide values of FrameTicks by factor of 1000 to show KiloUnits instead of Units. How it is possible to do?


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May be marked as a duplicate, but there's an easy way to do this that isn't listed in the marked question:

You have a plot:

Plot[x, {x, 0, 40000}]

Mathematica graphics

To scale the ticks you just need to have the function you use to scale them #/1000& and the inverse of this function 1000 #&

Plot[x, {x, 0, 40000}, 
 Ticks -> {Charting`ScaledTicks[{(1000 # &), (#/1000) &}], 
   Charting`ScaledTicks[{(1000 # &), (#/1000) &}]}]

Mathematica graphics

Just be careful, these undocumented functions have a manner of breaking - it might not work in the next version when it comes out.


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