With BoxWhiskerChart you can specify a gradient scale fill for the boxes using the ChartElementFunctionand the "GradientScaleBoxWhisker" ChartElementDataFunction.

data = RandomVariate[LogNormalDistribution[#, .04], 20] & /@ {.1, .16};

BoxWhiskerChart[data, "Outliers", 
 ChartElementFunction -> ChartElementDataFunction["GradientScaleBoxWhisker", 
   "ColorScheme" -> "RoseColors"]]

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The gradient fills over the range of the chart. I would like it to fill over the first to third quartile range of each data series; Red at first quartile, Orange at second quartile, and Green at third quartile.

sc = Function[{x}, Blend[{{#1, Red}, {#2, Orange}, {#3, Green}}, x]] &[
    Sequence @@ #] & /@ (Quantile[#, {0.25, .5, 0.75}] & /@ data)
{Function[{x}, Blend[{{1.04715, Red}, {1.07836, Orange}, {1.14039, Green}}, x]], 
 Function[{x}, Blend[{{1.16097, Red}, {1.18109, Orange}, {1.19066, Green}}, x]]}

Using sc in place of "RoseColors" errors out.

BoxWhiskerChart[data, "Outliers", 
 ChartElementFunction -> ChartElementDataFunction["GradientScaleBoxWhisker", 
   "ColorScheme" -> sc]]

I think I would also need some form of ColorFunctionScaling -> False as well. However, this option is not valid for either BoxWhiskerChart nor ChartElementDataFunction.

I would also like to color the top whisker and fence Green and the bottom Red. The element styling only appears to allow one style for both.

Is there a way to get the gradient fill and whisker/fence styling I want by using BoxWhiskerChart? I would prefer to use BoxWhiskerChart instead of drawing it all with Graphics so I have the options of all the element and outlier features of this function.

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Using your sc to define a list of colors as the value for the "ColorScheme" option in a custom ChartElementFunction:

ceF[cu_: Green, cl_: Red] := Module[{cs = Module[{qt = Quartiles@#2}, 
  (Function[{x}, Blend[{{#1, Red}, {#2, Orange}, {#3, Green}}, x]] & @@ qt) /@ 
    Subdivide[qt[[1]], qt[[-1]], 20]]}, 
   ChartElementDataFunction["GradientScaleBoxWhisker", "ColorScheme" -> cs][##] /. 
    Line[{x : {__List}, y : {__List}}] :> {cl, Line[x], cu, Line[y]}] &

BoxWhiskerChart[data, "Outliers", ChartElementFunction -> ceF[]]

enter image description here

BoxWhiskerChart[data, "Outliers", ChartElementFunction ->
 ceF[Directive[Thick, Dashed, Purple], Directive[Thick, Brown]] ]

enter image description here


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