The answers below show how to remove the Wolfram banner from a CDF. And how to use OutputForm to remove the double quotes from some text in CDFs.

How do I remove Wolfram Branding in a CDF?

How can I remove double quotes in CDF?

However, the Wolfram banner still appears in PopupWindows invoked from within an Enterprise CDF. I tried wrapping the PopuWindow in:

SetOptions[PopupWindow[.....],PrivateNotebookOptions -> {"PluginToolbarEnabled" -> False}]  

A work around for getting all text to appear properly formatted, including subscripts, was to generate the content of the CDF as an output cell (which I got from another question a while ago which I can't find right now, sorry):

SelectionMove[EvaluationCell[],Next,Cell] then CDFDeploy[file, NotebookSelection[],Method -> 
"Standalone", Deployed -> True, "Target" -> "PlayerPro"]] 

However, this method unfortunately ignores the option to remove the banner.

(One way to get subscripts to appear in the CDF without the banner is to export the formatted text as a png and include it in a Row statement (!)).

Also, surprisingly, text in popup windows appears ok without wrapping in OutputForm[]).

Is there a way to remove the banner from PopupWindow[]s generated using Enterprise Mathematica?

  • $\begingroup$ Have you tried PopupWindow[..., PrivateNotebookOptions -> {"PluginToolbarEnabled" -> False}]? Documentations says any notebook option should work. $\endgroup$
    – Kuba
    Commented Jul 6, 2016 at 17:08
  • $\begingroup$ Thank you @Kuba yes that works! The option gets highlighted red so maybe it is undocumented. I tried earlier to do that but hadn't enabled dynamic in the main window yet; before enabling dynamic the banner was still there, then after enabling dynamic the banner goes away. Running the cdf from a trusted folder the banner appears briefly in the popup window then goes away once the dynamic content is initialized. Please can you put this as an answer? I would like to accept it. $\endgroup$
    – DrBubbles
    Commented Jul 6, 2016 at 17:26

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A result from a PopupWindow is not a NotebookObject[] because there isn't any new window till it is clicked. That is why SetOptions will not work.

Yet PopupWindow accepts all notebooks' options and passes them later to generated windows so the quick fix is:

PopupWindow[..., PrivateNotebookOptions -> {"PluginToolbarEnabled" -> False}]


This should work in FreePlayer too but the removal of Wolfram branding elements is against the license. It is allowed in Enterprise generated CDFs though (OP's case).


  • 1
    $\begingroup$ I found that it only removes the banner if there is some dynamic content in the popup window. Otherwise the banner stays. I just wrapped a constant in dynamic and now that popup also has banner removed. The banner appears momentarily while the content is evaluated, then disappears. $\endgroup$
    – DrBubbles
    Commented Jul 6, 2016 at 21:26

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