I've been working on a notebook at home with imported data from some Excel files and plan on working on it on another computer. I have the .nb file and the .xls files, and my imported data is a suppressed output.

Sorry is this is an obvious question, I can't get the key words right in my searches for an answer.

What is the best way to transfer my notebook, all the stored variables and .xls files as one package to another computer?

Am I going to have to transfer all the files to the new computer, go into my notebook and fix the file directory for each individual time that I imported data (as the file directory will not be the same on the new computer)? Then will I have to re-evaluate every single command?

I've never actually had to transfer my notebook from one computer to another, I am always used to working on the same machine so I'm unsure as to the mechanics of moving large notebooks with imported data and lots of set variables to a new machine.

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You can use

DumpSave["state.mx", "Global`"]

to put all the defined variables/symbols in a given instance into a file. Then you can afterwards reload that with Get["state.mx"]. This is probably the most 'portable state' form you can get for moving a notebook's loaded data to another computer, without moving the source data.


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