I am struggling to import my data. There are 400 files in CSV format with names organised by date like: Table1_20111003_YYYY_MM_DD_0000.dat. In each file over 20 colums and 86400 rows (seconds of each day). Weighting in total 8,4.

I want to create a matrix with the all the 400 files. I only need some columns from them and I need to pick 1 value every 10 min, so just safe 1 value every 600 values.

I saw some attempts to do this with a for loop. I am not sure if this will be efficient for this case.

I do normally use this comands to import :

data = Import[NotebookDirectory[] <> "File_flux.dat","CSV"][[1, 3 ;;]] /. -9999. -> NaN

But I am not sure how to import all 400 into a matrix

And select colummns like : col = data[[All, 1]].

Is there a better way to select values every 599 values?

Thank in advance for your assistance.

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