Using AstronomicalData I could easily do something like:

superGiantMass = 
  Tooltip[{AstronomicalData[#, "BVColorIndex"], 
      AstronomicalData[#, "Mass"]/AstronomicalData["Sun", "Mass"]},
     {AstronomicalData[#, "SpectralClass"], 
      AstronomicalData[#, "Name"]}] & /@

and plot it:

ListPlot[superGiantMass, PlotRange -> All, ImageSize -> Large, 
 AxesLabel -> {"BVColorIndex", "Mass"}, PlotLabel -> "Supergiant"]

Adding multiple additional tooltip labels, of elemental values not directly in the plot, like DistanceLightYears, Luminosity, etc, and normalized units like mass/massOfSun were great.

Multiple category classes plot were easy:

(* Plot Abosolute Magnitude *)

ListPlot[{classAStarMag, classBStarMag,
   classFStarMag, classGStarMag, classKStarMag, classMStarMag, 
  classOStarMag}, PlotRange -> All, ImageSize -> Large, 
 AxesLabel -> {"BVColorIndex", "AbsoluteMagnitude"}, 
 PlotLabel -> "Absolute Magnitude", 
 PlotLegends -> {"Class A", "Class B", "Class F", "Class G", 
   "Class K", "Class M", "Class O"}]

My question is how to do similar things using the newer StarData class.

This sort of works, but nothing like the above examples:

(* Plot luminosity versus mass for nearby stars: *)

 Tooltip[{##2}, {#1, #2, #3}] & @@@ 
  StarData[EntityClass["Star", "ClassOStar"],
   {"SpectralClass", "Mass", "Luminosity"}],
 PlotRange -> Automatic, ImageSize -> Large, 
 AxesLabel -> {"Mass", "Luminosity"}]

I can't seem to add different tooltip labels like DistanceLightYears when using StarData or normalize elements like mass/sunMass.

And while I use ##2 on tooltip, I really don't understand its usage versus the set of tooltip displays when using {#1, #2, #3}.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Got a partial workaround using Show to graph categories of StarData together:

markerRed = Graphics[{Red, Disk[]}];

(* Plot luminosity versus mass for ClassOStar": *)

classOStarMassLuminosity = ListLogLogPlot[
   Tooltip[{##2}, {#1, #2, #3}] & @@@ 
     Take[StarData[EntityClass["Star", "ClassOStar"], {"Name", "Mass", 
          "Luminosity"}], 200], PlotRange -> All, ImageSize -> Large, 
  AxesLabel -> {"Mass", "Luminosity"}, PlotLegends -> {"Class O"}, 
  PlotStyle -> Blue]

(* Plot luminosity versus mass for ClassMStar": *)

classMStarMassLuminosity = ListLogLogPlot[
   Tooltip[{##2}, {#1, #2, #3}] & @@@ 
     StarData[EntityClass["Star", "ClassMStar"], {"Name", "Mass", 
         "Luminosity"}], PlotRange -> All, ImageSize -> Large, 
  AxesLabel -> {"Mass", "Luminosity"}, PlotLegends -> {"Class M"}, 
  PlotMarkers -> {markerRed, .02}]

Show[classOStarMassLuminosity, classMStarMassLuminosity]

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