Suppose I have an EventSeries and I need to extract the values corresponding to some DateObject, taking properly into account the TimeZone and possible repetions of dates. I way I considered and probably used in the pas was to "evaluate" the EventSeries at the list of dates. Now I'm unable to reproduce this process.

For example consider the code:

date = DateObject[]
es = EventSeries[{1}, {{date}}]
es["FirstDate"] === date


I also tried

Replace[date, Rule @@@ es["DatePath"]]
(*no replacement done*)

with no success.

What is the supported way to do the job described?

Please note I have/want/need an EventSeries, not a potentially interpolating TimeSeries.


First /@ Nearest[es["Times"] -> es["Values"], AbsoluteTime /@ {date, date, date}, {1, 0.01}]

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I believe it may be a bug. DateObjects without a decimal seconds work as expected.

date2 = DateObject@{2008, 1, 1, 12, 1, 1}; 
es2 = EventSeries[{1}, {{date2}}]; 
(* 1 *)

However, DateObjects with decimal seconds such as those returned by DateObject[] do not cooperate. I suggest reporting it to WRI.

As a workaround you can clean the fractional seconds from the dates before creating the EventSeries.

date3 = DateObject[];
date3 = date3 /. 
  DateObject[d_, TimeObject[t_, tr___], dr___] :> 
   DateObject[d, TimeObject[Round@t, tr], dr];
es3 = EventSeries[{1}, {{date3}}];
(* 1 *)

Hope this helps.


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