Bug introduced in 10.0 and persisting through 11.3

A support case with the identification [CASE:3618534] was created.

[...] I filed a report with our development team raising the issues [...]

$EvaluationEnvironment was supposed to be a panacea for: Good way to discriminate between Mathematica/PlayerPro/CDFPlayer

But from my experience it is not full working in a "desktop" area.

The remaining question is: I don't have time to check everything, could you? :)


  • "WebEvaluation"

  • "WebAPI"

  • "WebForm"

  • "Subkernel" (fixed somewhere around 11.2)

I'm not sure

  • "Session" - it works well but all others that fail return "Session" so tough to count on it

  • "WebLoad" not clear in comparison to "WebAPI"

  • "RemoteSession", "WebServer", "CloudCDF", "PlugInCDF", "WSTP" - not tested

Not working:

  • "CDF"

  • "Script"

  • "Scheduled"


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The bug is confirmed and a workaround is available in the linked topic.

Nothing to do here now so I will move the code part of the question to this wiki answer to remove it from an unanswered stack and make a terse list on top.

Code samples to reproduce specific values of $EvaluationEnvironment:

  • "WebEvaluation"

  • "WebAPI"

      APIFunction[{"x" -> String}, $EvaluationEnvironment &]
    ] //  URLExecute[#, {"x" -> "100"}, "JSON"] &
  • "WebForm"

    CloudDeploy[FormFunction[{"x" -> String}, $EvaluationEnvironment &]]
  • "Subkernel"

    ParallelEvaluate[{$KernelID, $EvaluationEnvironment}, Kernels[]]

  • "WebLoad"

    CloudDeploy@Delayed@{$EvaluationEnvironment, DateList[]}

  • "CDF"

     SystemOpen @ CDFDeploy[
     , Dynamic[{RandomReal[], $EvaluationEnvironment}, UpdateInterval -> 1]
  • "Script"

    path = FileNameJoin[{$HomeDirectory, "Desktop", "test.wl"}];
    Export[path, "Print @ $EvaluationEnvironment", "Text"];
    Import["! math.exe -script " <> path , "Text"]
  • "Scheduled"

     RunScheduledTask[Print@$EvaluationEnvironment, {2}]
  • $\begingroup$ As of 12.0 RunScheduledTask[Print@$EvaluationEnvironment, {2}] prints "Session" $\endgroup$
    – M.R.
    Commented Jan 7, 2020 at 17:52

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