I have a list of points


I want to plot not all the points of this list but to plot every $k$ points. For example, if I wanted to plot every $k=2$ points, the plot will contain only the points:




It doesn't matter if Mathematica plots the odd points or the even points.

Another example is if I wanted to plot every $k=3$ points, the plot would contain only


Question. Is there a direct way of doing this in Mathematica, without creating manually another list from myList?


You can use Part (also written [[...]]) to get what you want. For example,

myList= Table[{i, i}, {i, 1, 20}];

ListPlot[myList[[1;;-1;;2]]] (* every second point *)
ListPlot[myList[[1;;-1;;3]]] (* every 3rd point*)
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    $\begingroup$ Or simply, ListPlot[myList[[;; ;;2]]] or ListPlot[myList[[;; ;;3]]]. The 1 and -1 are default values and are not required. $\endgroup$ May 25 '16 at 21:06

The ways listed work perfectly well, but you can save yourself a couple of keystrokes just by doing


If you don't provide starting and ending points for the first ;;, Mathematica is kind enough to assume that you want to go from the beginning (1) to the end (-1). For my tastes, at least, this looks a little nicer too. (It'll auto-format inside the program in a way that makes it a little easier to read than it's rendered here:)

enter image description here


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