I am trying to find a RegionIntersect between a Disk and a Polygon. I have noticed, the code crashes when Disk would originate near a corner. Please see example below.


r1 = {{0, 0}, {0, 29}, {12, 29}, {12, 14.5}, {9, 14.5}, {9, 0}};
iwork = {1, 4};
idont = {1, 1};

Example 1:

(*This produces expected result*)

  {FaceForm @ White, EdgeForm @ Black, Polygon @ r1},
  RegionIntersection[Disk[iwork, 4], Polygon @ r1]


RegionIntersection produces:

DiskSegment[{1, 4}, 4, {\[Pi] + ArcTan[Sqrt[15]], 3 \[Pi] - ArcTan[Sqrt[15]]}]

Output 1:

working example

Example 2:

(*This code produces unexpected result*)

  {FaceForm @ White, EdgeForm @ Black, Polygon @ r1},
  RegionIntersection[Disk[idont, 4], Polygon @ r1]


RegionIntersection produces:

RegionIntersection[Disk[{1, 1}, 4], 
 Polygon[{{0, 0}, {0, 29}, {12, 29}, {12, 14.5}, {9, 14.5}, {9, 0}}]]

Output 2:

not working example

Why RegionIntersect does not evaluate when origin is near corner? How could this code be changed to retrieve similar result as with Circle.

Circle Alternative:

circle alternative




As you say in your post, for some cases, RegionIntersection is able to return a Graphics primitive

RegionIntersection[Disk[iwork, 4], Polygon@r1]
(* DiskSegment[{1, 4}, 4, {π + ArcTan[Sqrt[15]], 
  3 π - ArcTan[Sqrt[15]]}] *)

to which you can simply apply Graphics and get a visual result. This is not the general case. If you took those regions and created MeshRegion objects first, it would not work

With[{rr = 
   RegionIntersection[DiscretizeGraphics@Disk[iwork, 4], 
 {rr, Graphics@rr, RegionPlot@rr}]

Mathematica graphics

But you can see that RegionPlot can take a Region and create a Graphics object from it (not a Graphics primitive, mind you). Then you combine it with the other shape with Show

 Graphics[{FaceForm@White, EdgeForm@Black, Polygon@r1}], 
 RegionPlot[RegionIntersection[Disk[idont, 4], Polygon@r1], 
  PlotStyle -> Black, BoundaryStyle -> Black]

Mathematica graphics

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  • $\begingroup$ Thank you @JasonB. This makes things a little bit clearer. How does it decide if output is Graphics or Region? I couldn't find anything in the documentation about it $\endgroup$ – e.doroskevic May 23 '16 at 15:50
  • $\begingroup$ Not sure, it must have some internal methods to check. So the safest route would be to always use RegionPlot $\endgroup$ – Jason B. May 23 '16 at 15:55
  • $\begingroup$ see here: reference.wolfram.com/language/guide/…. Certain graphics primitives are regions, so you can safely assume the output of RegionIntersection (if valid) is a region. DiskSegment is new in 10.2 BTW. $\endgroup$ – george2079 May 23 '16 at 16:15

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