I am taking a lot of measurements from regions of interest in microscopy images and am finding that generating binary masks to use with ComponentMeasurements is rather slow (at least it's slow the way I am doing it). Are there any faster ways to generate a label matrix than going through Binarize and Graphics or can Binarize and Graphics functions be made faster with Compile and/or Parallel? Below is how I make a binarized polygon mask the same size as the cropped microscopy image I am working with:

   imageIn_] := (

   binMaskFromPtsIn = 
     Graphics[{White, Polygon[ptsIn]}, 
      PlotRange -> {{1, 600}, {1, 600}}, 
      ImageSize -> {600, 600}, AspectRatio -> 1, 
      ImagePadding -> {{0, 0}, {0, 0}}, Background -> Black];

   compMeasureStatsFromMaskOnImage = 
      imageIn}, {"MeanIntensity", "StandardDeviationIntensity", 
      "TotalIntensity", "Area"}];

   (* stats returned for the mask all have label 1 in the matrix \
generated by MorphologicalComponents *)

   compMeasureStatsFromMaskOnImage$Label1Stats = 
    1 /. compMeasureStatsFromMaskOnImage


Typical AbsoluteTiming I get is around 0.40 seconds and generating the binarized mask (binMaskFromPtsIn) seems to be the slow step.


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