I have been trying to import some matrices from MATLAB to MATHEMATICA. The matrices are the output after I run the MATLAB file. I had saved that file in .MAT format and trying to import it in MATHEMATICA using "import" function but there is an error:

"Import::noelem: The Import element "P" is not present when importing as MAT

Set::wrsym: Symbol N is Protected


Maybe I am using the function wrongly, I typed: N = Import["C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\DDP\CODE\stiffness matrix\Shin_6.mat", "P"] Here Shin_6 is the mat file, P is the matrix that I want from that file and I name that matrix N in my Mathematica file.

Please suggest me with some solution. Matlab version 2015b, Mathematica version 10.0


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The syntax you use is wrong. There is no import element called "P" for the MAT format. Take a look at the documentation: it lists the allowed elements: "Elements", "Rules", "Options", "Data", "LabeledData", "Comments", "Labels".

You probably want "LabeledData", so use

Import["file.mat", {"MAT", "LabeledData"}]

or alternatively

Import["file.mat", "LabeledData"]

which auto-detects the format based on the file extension.

The pick out the P variable from the output (ReplaceAll or Lookup)


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