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How can I easily eliminate the dependency of a stylesheet on a non-built-in stylesheet?

For some work I am doing, I take my notes in a notebook with a custom stylesheet. For my own convenience, I have separated the styles into their own stylesheet notebook, and reference within the notebook's stylesheet like is done with Default.nb:

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Unfortunately, this makes sharing this notebook difficult with out also ensuring that the recipient has the stylesheet already installed. Barring that, what are the alternatives?

The simplest would be if the NotebookDirectory[] was automatically included in the search for the stylesheets, then the stylesheet can be simply placed in that directory. This works great in the case of a shared network drive, but still requires a two step process for the case of email.

Ideally, I would like to automatically embed all of the style definitions up to a certain depth in the referenced stylesheets. How can this be most easily accomplished?

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