To me, function names (such as Apply and Map) seem more intuitive than their symbols (e.g. @@ and ./@). However, I wish I could internalized what these short form symbols mean and do. (I know that that they are very helpful and could help make my code much more readable.)

So, I was wondering...

Is there an internal logic behind the short forms?

I imagine that they could be related by the meaning of the individual elements (e.g., @, ., /) and the ordering of these elements to build (e.g., @@, /@, /.}.

Here is a list of short forms symbols that seem similar and/or related. (Please feel free to edit and add more)

@   Prefix[] 
@@  Apply[]
@@@ Apply[ , , {1}]
/@  Map[]
//@ MapAll[]
/.  ReplaceAll[]
//. ReplaceRepeated[]
//  Postfix[]
~  Infix[]

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