I want to print a dynamic output while some code is running and then automatically delete it when when the output is done. PrintTemporary is not quite what I am looking for -- I want the output to be deleted from inside the module rather than when the cell is done evaluating because I want to evaluate several modules in the same cell. Here is an example of what I am looking for:

    Print["% Complete: ",Dynamic[n*100/steps]];
        (*CODE RUNS*)
    (*Delete Output Cell*)

I want to explicitly delete the output cell created when running test, but cannot find the commands to do so. All I have seen on stackexchange is how to delete ALL output cells or how to print temporarily, which I do not want.


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Perhaps something like:

test[steps_] := Module[{}, n = 0;
  Print["% Complete: ", Dynamic[n*100/steps]];
  For[n = 0, n < steps, n++, Pause[1]];
  NotebookFind[SelectedNotebook[], "Print", All, CellStyle]; 

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See also: A self-deleting button to delete Print cells


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