So I want to add assumptions in carrying out integration. I know I could use the Integrate function:

Integrate[V Exp[-x/a] ,{x,0,10}, Assumptions->a>0]

but this gets very tedious when I could just use the shortcut

esc + dintt + esc

in the case of a definite integral. Is there any way to specify assumptions using shortcut functions like this, or does one HAVE to use the Integrate function?


  • $\begingroup$ Check the docs for the Notation package: Notation/tutorial/NotationSymbolizeAndInfixNotation $\endgroup$
    – M.R.
    Apr 15 '16 at 0:39

The AddInputAlias function in the Notation package solves this problem. To use the example input alias created below, simply type Esc apply Esc.

<< Notation`;
    RowBox[{"\[Placeholder]", " ", OverscriptBox["\[LongRightArrow]", 
    RowBox[{" ", "Apply", " "}]], " ", "\[Placeholder]", " "}]], "apply"]

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