I am learning to use the Wolfram databins and DO Button and DO Note apps for a personal project.

The sample code I am using as the Recipe is:

location={ {{Latitude}},{{Longitude}}}

Now, when I call the data from the databin:

In= Values[Databin[bin, 1]]["location"]
Out= {"{ 51.50690466636,-0.194158124029808}"}

The Head of this result is a List containing a String. What I would like is either a List containing a List of Reals or a a List containing a GeoPosition. At the moment I solve this with writing in my notebook:

ToExpression /@ Values[Databin[bin]]["location"]

for the first case and

GeoPosition /@ ToExpression /@ Values[Databin[bin, 1]]["location"]

which works fine, but somehow it annoys me that the data is stored in the databin (or understood upon import by Mathematica) as a string and not as a list of Reals.

Is there a way to store the data in the databin as a List of Reals (by writing code in the DO Recipe)?


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