I'm using Mathematica v10.0.2 on Win7.

I have a text file in which there are some Chinese characters and I would Import the file into Mathematica as a string by:


However, the Chinese characters were all "translated" to strange characters like "Ò»Êø¹â".

Note that a string containing Chinese characters can be correctly Export ed to a txt file.

nothing changes when I try $CharacterEncoding = "UTF-8" or $SystemCharacterEncoding = "UTF-8"

what should I do?

Or is there any I can turn the "Ò»Êø¹â" back to the characters in original txt file?

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    $\begingroup$ maybe you can use option CharacterEncoding -> "CP936" $\endgroup$ – partida Apr 8 '16 at 7:41

refering to Can I read Chinese characters with ReadList correctly? here is the solution:

first try

ReadList["...file.txt", Record, 1]], #] & /@ $CharacterEncodings

read the output then select the one of $CharacterEncodings which correctly translated the characters (which may depend on your systems or Mathematica versions), inset it into the # in the code above.

for my Mma10.0.2 on Win7, It's "CP936" that works

ReadList["...file.txt", Record, 1]], "CP936"] & /@ $CharacterEncodings

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