I want to request user input of an expression of f(x) from a dialog and then use ToExpression on the input.


  1. When I execute the code below, I got r before I click the button. So that I get r before I actually enter the expression. Is it because I'm using Dynamic[input]?
  2. How to execute the last line after I hit the button?

x = Table[i, {i, 20}];
input = "";
    {{"f(x)=", InputField[Dynamic[input], String]},               
     {"", "Input expression f(x)"},
     {"", DefaultButton["OK", DialogReturn[ret = input]]}},
    Spacings -> {0.5, Automatic}, 
    Alignment -> Center
  Modal -> True, 
  WindowTitle -> "Input information"];
r = ToExpression[ret, TraditionalForm];

Not sure why you define x and then never use it but despite that try this:

ret = DialogInput[
      Grid[{{"f(x)=", InputField[Dynamic[input], String]}, {"", 
         "Input expression f(x)"}, {"", 
         DefaultButton["OK", DialogReturn[input]]}}, 
       Spacings -> {0.5, Automatic}, Alignment -> Center]
   ShowStringCharacters -> False,
   WindowTitle -> "Input information"];
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  • $\begingroup$ Hi Mike, sorry about the confusion. I was trying to use the input expression to manipulate vector x. Your answer solved my question perfectly. Thank you very much! $\endgroup$ – Hayward Li Apr 2 '16 at 18:38

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