I am seeing a strange behavior when using a custom working precision in a LogPlot or LogLogPlot. Let's take the most simple example of plotting x for x in [0.1,1].

  1. LogLogPlot with default working precision gives the correct result

    LogLogPlot[x, {x, 0.1, 1}]


  1. Plot with WorkingPrecision=60 gives the correct result

    Plot[x, {x, 0.1, 1}, WorkingPrecision -> 60]


  1. LogLogPlot with WorkingPrecision=60 gives a wrong artificial offset of 1

    LogLogPlot[x, {x, 0.1, 1}, WorkingPrecision -> 60]


  1. If I add +n to the function (i.e., plotting x+n, the offset increases to e^n:

    LogLogPlot[x + Log[100], {x, 0.1, 1}, WorkingPrecision -> 60]


Is this a known behavior? Am I doing something wrong?


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