Having this code:

imagesData = 
  Module[{names = 
        ToString[n /. n -> If[nn <= 9, "0" <> ToString@nn, nn]],
      {nn, 0, 43, 1}]}, 
   Table[Import[names[[n]], "Data"], {n, 1, 44, 1}]];

I want to import some images. I don't want to import them every single time because it takes some time. Is it possible to assign the imagesData value (list of list of list I guess) to another variable so I dont have to import it every single time I open my notebook?

What I tried was to print it on screen, copy and paste the printed values so I can assign them to another variable. This methods is not an option, I guess, because the output generation time is so long. Is it possible to get what is in the variable without printing it on screen, so I will be able to assign its numerical value into another variable and therefore get rid of import time-consuming part?

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