I am having trouble writing the Mathematica code to prove this answer. I was able to derive the answers but through trial and error, ideally I want to derive them through examination of correct code.

subsetQ[A_, B_] := Module[{i},
Catch[Do[If[! MemberQ[B, i], Throw[False]], {i, A}]; Throw[True]]]

S1 = Subsets[Subsets[{}]]

MemberQ[S1, {}]
MemberQ[S1, {{}}]
MemberQ[S1, {{{}}}]
subsetQ[S1, {{}, {{{}}} }]

enter image description here

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Rather than using MemberQ, you should use the built-in SubsetQ for your testing:

S1 = Subsets[Subsets[{}]]  (* {{}, {{}}} *)

SubsetQ[S1, {}]            (* True  *)
SubsetQ[S1, {{}}]          (* True  *)
SubsetQ[S1, {{{}}}]        (* True  *)
SubsetQ[S1, {{}, {{{}}}}]  (* False *)

The documentation explains that SubsetQ tests for non-strict subsets, and also yields True if its arguments are equivalent. Notice a few differences in behavior between SubsetQ and MemberQ:

list = {a, b, c};

SubsetQ[list, {a, b, c}]  (* True  *)
MemberQ[list, {a, b, c}]  (* False *)

SubsetQ[list, {}]         (* True  *)
MemberQ[list, {}]         (* False *)

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