I am trying create a dialog window for updating a variable number of parameters $\beta_i$. Here are the relevant bits of my code, which first constructs a list of $\beta_i$ parameters, then constructs the dialog box based on the number of parameters that I specify, and then executes the dialog box.

AppendTo[testgrid, {CancelButton[],DefaultButton[DialogReturn[]]}];

When I run this code, the dialog box pops up just fine, but the "params" list of parameters is not getting updated. I am guessing that my mistake has something to do with not directly putting the parameter in the InputField.


You need Dynamic around the symbol inside of InputField

nparams = 3;
params = Table[Symbol["B" <> ToString[x]], {x, 1, nparams}];
testgrid = {};
For[n = 1, n <= nparams, n++, row = {StringJoin["B", ToString[n]],
   InputField[Dynamic[Evaluate@params[[n]]], Expression]}; AppendTo[testgrid, row]]
AppendTo[testgrid, {CancelButton[], DefaultButton[DialogReturn[]]}];
CreateDialog[Grid[testgrid, Spacings -> {1, Automatic}, Alignment -> Left], Modal -> True]

If the code needs to work after the values are set for the first time, you can apply this modification:

params = Table["B" <> ToString[x], {x, 1, nparams}];
testgrid = {};
For[n = 1, n <= nparams, n++, row = {StringJoin["B", ToString[n]],
  ToExpression["InputField[Dynamic[" <> params[[n]] <> "],Expression]"]};
  AppendTo[testgrid, row]]
  • $\begingroup$ Thanks! I had attempted using the Dynamic command, but didn't have the Evaluate@ so it wasn't working. This looks like it will do the trick. $\endgroup$ – ahle6481 Feb 24 '16 at 21:36

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