Suppose I have

 str = "dededekmkmkmvkfjdedemkvmlvdedekfmmdedededemkmkde"

And I want to replace the repeated "de"s to one and produce (in a real example, the "de"s are actually "\n"s):

 str = "dekmkmkmvkfjdemkvmlvdekfmmdemkmkde"

I try

  StringReplace[str, "dede" -> "de"]

but only one duplicate "de" is removed, and something like

 StringReplace[str, {"dede" -> "de","dede" -> "de,"dede" -> "de}]

makes no difference.

What should I do? Nest[StringReplace[#, "dede" -> "de"] &, str, 100] is a little ugly and unnatural...


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You have a repeated pattern so you can use the .. placeholder, (edit I just realized this is exactly what Kuba was saying in his comment)

StringReplace[str, "de" .. -> "de"]
% == "dekmkmkmvkfjdemkvmlvdekfmmdemkmkde"
(* "dekmkmkmvkfjdemkvmlvdekfmmdemkmkde" *)
(* True *)

@J.M. suggests RegularExpression,

StringReplace[str, RegularExpression["(de)+"] -> "de"]
(* "dekmkmkmvkfjdemkvmlvdekfmmdemkmkde" *)

You can go old-school and use a While loop,

  StringContainsQ[str, "dede"],
  str = StringReplace[str, "dede" -> "de"];
(* "dekmkmkmvkfjdemkvmlvdekfmmdemkmkde" *)

OP's idea of using Nest can be a made little more elegant by using NestWhile,

NestWhile[StringReplace[#, "dede" -> "de"] &, str, 
(* "dekmkmkmvkfjdemkvmlvdekfmmdemkmkde" *)
  • $\begingroup$ Regex: StringReplace[str, RegularExpression["(de)+"] -> "de"] $\endgroup$ Commented Feb 16, 2016 at 13:26

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