I want to ask how can I control the CDF WindowSize in such a way that the end user can minimise its size upto some extent only. For example, If the WindowSize is less than or equal to {300,200}, then it should not be minimised but, it can be maximised.

Dynamic[(width = CurrentValue["WindowSize"][[1]];
        height = CurrentValue["WindowSize"][[2]];
 If[width <= 300, (width = 301), (width = CurrentValue["WindowSize"][[1]])];
 If[height <= 200, (height = 201), (height = CurrentValue["WindowSize"][[2]])];
 Panel[Button["Click1"], {width, height}, ImageSize -> {width, height}])]

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The following code seems to be a possible start point, though far from satisfying:


     RowBox[{"WindowSize: ",
       DynamicBox[ToBoxes[CurrentValue[WindowSize], StandardForm]]}],

      WindowSize -> {Max[300, CurrentValue[WindowSize][[1]]],
        Max[200, CurrentValue[WindowSize][[2]]]}]
    ]]}, WindowSize -> {300, 200}]

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