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I am using this function to plot

Plot[2*DiracDelta[t + 3], {t, -3.09, -2.99}, PlotStyle -> Thick, 
 AxesLabel -> {t, x[t]}, PlotLegends -> "Expressions", 
 Filling -> Axis]

but in the plot it's hard to see where it is.

enter image description here

So maybe there is a function to use, but I couldn't find it.


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A plot of DiracDelta is at best an approximation to the behavior of the underlying mathematical construct. This has been discussed before on this site; see for instance Calling Correct Function for Plotting DiracDelta and the answers within.

In your case, you could perhaps try the following:

 Table[{x, Piecewise[{{1, x == -3}, {0, True}}, x]}, {x, -4, -2, 0.001}]

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