i wanted to calculate the real roots of a function. To my knowledge the function i defined has no real roots, so i expected an emptyset, but instead i got some Root[...#..] answers by Mathematica.

My first input: i[x_] := (86 - 4*x^2)/4; uaa[x_, y_] := 60 - 9*y^2 - 2*x; Solve[uaa[x, i[x]] == 0, x, Reals]

Then i plugged in the function directly into the Solve and i get the expected anser of emptyset.

Control input: {Solve[60 - 9 (86 - 4*x^2)/4^2 - 2*x == 0, x, Reals]}

How can i change my input in the first input so that i get the emptyset?

Thank you very much


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