If we remember, Mathematica has an ability to show a Psudo-window of plots for monitoring the effects of some changeable parameters in the functions. For example

Manipulate[Plot[Sin[r x], {x, 0, 2 \[Pi]}], {r, 1, 5}]

If we have a matrix with a changeable parameter such as below

m = {{2j, j, -j, 0}, {2, j, -j, -2}, {2, 3, j, -j}, {0, j, -j, 2}};
 Do[ Print[m//MatrixForm],{j,0,100}]

I want to see the matrix effected by changeable j. If we use of Print, we must have a large series below code from 100 matrix which are 4*4. If matrix be larger, for example 20*20, the space consumed will be more huge for printing any matrix and thus for full of them.

Is there any way in Mathematica to monitoring the matrix just in one window and we can see the change of matrix's elements with a selectable speed (as we can use in Manipulate)?


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Make j as the function argument for the matrix.

mat[j_] := {{2 j, j, -j, 0}, {2, j, -j, -2}, {2, 3, j, -j}, {0, j, -j,

Then Manipulate works

mat[j] // MatrixForm, {j, 0, 10, ControlType -> Animator, 
AnimationRate -> 1, RefreshRate -> 10}]
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