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In the following case:


the values of x and y are declared in the list of local variables. How to transfer the values of x and y into With[] from an external list, like:

abc:={x=1,y=2}; With[abc,Print[x+y]]

This list of values must be understood in my case as true only when it is applied (locally true).


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  • $\begingroup$ e.g. Unevaluated[With[abc, Hold[x + y]]] /. OwnValues[abc] there should be a nice duplicate somewhere. $\endgroup$ – Kuba Jan 8 '16 at 13:39
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    $\begingroup$ May I suggest not to do this, because expressions like {x=1} evaluate naturally and their evaluation has significant consequences (setting x). They can be kept unevaluated, but it's difficult and error-prone to do so. Instead store the parameter values in a list of rules (or association) and use something like the withRules function I describe here. $\endgroup$ – Szabolcs Jan 8 '16 at 13:49
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