I have a very simple program that export a list to a data file in table form.

lst = {{1/10, 1/3}, {1/3, Pi}};
lst = N[lst, 10]
Export["testlst.txt", lst, "Table"];

It works fine in the notebook interface. However, I want to execute it in the terminal, so I write it in a lst.m file:

lst = {{1/10, 1/3}, {1/3, Pi}};
lst = N[lst, 10]
(*I need to comment out this line because otherwise there will be error.*)
(*by the way, how to set it to current directory in script interface?*)
Export["testlst.txt", lst, "Table"];

Then I execute it with: MathKernel -script lst.m command. When I open testlst.txt I only found:


in it.


I made a mistake copy it to the script file. Somehow lst = {{1/10, 1/3}, {1/3, Pi}}; changes into t = {{1/10, 1/3}, {1/3, Pi}}; during the copy. No wonder the mistake.

The code works in terminal actually.


I think in terminal, the default output directory is the current directory.


This works for me:

Create try.m file with this in it:

    SetOptions[ $Output, FormatType -> OutputForm ];
lst = {{1/10, 1/3}, {1/3, Pi}};
lst = N[lst, 10]
Export["testlst.txt", lst, "Table"];

Now from DOS window, type

>"C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\10.3\math.exe" < try.m

Check the file

>type testlst.txt
0.1     0.3333333333
0.3333333333    3.141592654

it worked!

ps. I do not know how to set directory in script to the location of the script file. I always set it explicitly as in the above.

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  • $\begingroup$ I actually made a mistake in the code when I copy the code to the script. Somehow lst = {{1/10, 1/3}, {1/3, Pi}}; changes into t = {{1/10, 1/3}, {1/3, Pi}};. No wonder the mistake. $\endgroup$ – an offer can't refuse Dec 28 '15 at 0:32

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