I want to make the following replacement work correctly:

Array[(2 D[xM[[#1]][t], t] * D[xM[[#2]][t], t]) &, {3, 
   3}] /. {xM -> {Sin[ω t], Cos[ω t], 0}}

The array is constructed with a symbolic form given in terms of time derivatives of a vector. For some reason, when I evaluate this expression, I obtain the following:

{{2 Derivative[1][Sin[t ω]][t]^2, 
  2 Derivative[1][Cos[t ω]][t] Derivative[1][Sin[t ω]][
    t], 0}, {2 Derivative[1][Cos[t ω]][t] Derivative[1][
    Sin[t ω]][t], 2 Derivative[1][Cos[t ω]][t]^2, 
  0}, {0, 0, 0}}

unevaluated derivatives of known functions

tried forcing a reevaluation wrapping the result with Evaluate, but it doesn't seem to work


You can do this with the Inactivate and Activate functions:

  Array[(2 D[xM[[#1]], t]*D[xM[[#2]], t]) &, {3, 3}], 
   D | Part
] /. {xM -> {Sin[ω t], Cos[ω t], 0}} // Activate

Mathematica graphics

Note I removed the [t] part from your expressions as that didn't make sense.


Also effective is

Unevaluated[Array[(2 D[xM[[#1]], t]*D[xM[[#2]], t]) &, {3, 3}]] /. 
    {xM -> {Sin[ω t], Cos[ω t], 0}}
(* {{2 ω^2 Cos[t ω]^2, -2 ω^2 Cos[t ω] Sin[t ω], 0}, 
    {-2 ω^2 Cos[t ω] Sin[t ω], 2 ω^2 Sin[t ω]^2, 0}, 
    {0, 0, 0}} *)

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