I'm using version 10.2 on Linux, and need to access some web services via proxy server sometimes. Is there a way to change the proxy settings, which can be modified manually in the "Preferences" AFAIK, programmatically because the settings may vary in different contexts? I looked into SystemOptions[] etc but didn't find anything related.

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One can read the current setting using the undocumented symbol $InternetProxyRules.

The undocumented functions to change the proxy settings are in the PacletManager` context.

The "Use proxy settings from my system or browser" setting is equivalent to


the "Direct connection to the Internet" setting is equivalent to


and the "Use the following settings:" setting is equivalent to


Proxy settings can be set with PacletManager`SetInternetProxy. For example

PacletManager`SetInternetProxy["HTTP", {"proxystring", 1}]

would set the HTTP Proxy to proxystring and its corresponding port to 1.


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