I have an issue testing functions that generate formatted output. For example:

1) Create a new testing notebook and a new test like this:

unevaluated test

2) Now execute the test (it fails as expected)

executed test

3) Now click the "Replace Output" button and run it again:

failing test

Why is it failing? Lets show the cell expressions to see if there is a hidden difference:

test showing expressions

I don't see any significant difference. So my question is: is this a bug or should I do something different when testing functions that generate grids?

In the meanwhile, I have found that this works:

testing redered views

Testing functions that generate grids fails in this simple example:

  • $\begingroup$ There seem to be quite a few bugs with the Actual Output -> Expected Output pipeline in testing notebooks. This looks like another one. Another one is this: "[LeftDoubleBracket]" becomes "[["... $\endgroup$ – masterxilo Sep 1 '16 at 2:02

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