I would like to replace the occurrence of "a(x)" and "b(x)" in a list with "a(x-na)" and "b(x-nb)" where na and nb are the number of a's and b's respectively. x-na should be evaluated. I've tried

list = {"a(1)", "a(2)", "a(3)", "b(4)", "b(5)", "b(6)"}
na = Total[StringCount[list, "a"]]
nb = Total[StringCount[list, "b"]]
StringReplace[list, {"a(" ~~ n___ ~~ ")" -> 
   "a(" <> ToString[n - na] <> ")"}]
{"a(-3 + n)", "a(-3 + n)", "a(-3 + n)", "b(4)", "b(5)", "b(6)"} 

But as you can see it is not working as intended.

Can you help me please?


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 {h_ ~~ "(" ~~ n_ ~~ ")" :> 
   h <> "(" <> ToString[ToExpression[n] - Symbol["n" <> h]] <> ")"
 {"a(-2)", "a(-1)", "a(0)", "b(1)", "b(2)", "b(3)"} 

Tell me if anything is not clear.

And some fun:

  Map[ToString@ToString[#, TraditionalForm] &],
  # /. h_[n_Integer] :> h[n - CountsBy[#, Head][h]] &,
  Map[ToExpression[#, TraditionalForm] &]

  ]@{"a(1)", "a(2)", "a(3)", "b(4)", "b(5)", "b(6)"}
{"a(-2)", "a(-1)", "a(0)", "b(1)", "b(2)", "b(3)"} 
  • $\begingroup$ That is good. You did more than I requested since I can do two StringReplace for a and b separately. Thanks! $\endgroup$
    – Fabio
    Commented Dec 3, 2015 at 17:52

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