I am using a For loop for printing five InputFields. The loop gets its values from the variable tx. I want to compare the values dynamically with 10 and print the result. But, the comparison is going out of loop, why?

tx = {4, 1, 6, 7, 8};
Reap[For[i = 1, i <= 5, i++,
    Sow[ {InputField[tx[[i]]],Dynamic[If[(tx[[i]] < 10), "right", "wrong"]]}]]]

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This can be fixed by using With on the index. Also you missed a Dynamic in the inputfield:

 tx = {4, 1, 6, 7, 8};

 yourLoop=Reap[For[i = 1, i <= 5, i++,
    With[{i = i}, 
          Dynamic[If[(tx[[i]] < 10), "right", "wrong"]]

 yourLoop[[2, 1]] // Grid //Panel

Output Illustration

There's some more details about the With[{i=i}] solution in my answer to the question Generating dynamic Inputfields


I do not know now how to automate the InputField using an index. But why not simply write them down? There are only 5 of them?

Here is an example using 2 InputFields

tx = {1, 2};
  {InputField[Dynamic[tx[[1]]], Number, ContinuousAction -> True], 
   Dynamic[If[tx[[1]] < 10, "right", "wrong", "huh?"]]},

  {InputField[Dynamic[tx[[2]]], Number, ContinuousAction -> True], 
   Dynamic[If[tx[[2]] < 10, "right", "wrong", "huh?"]]}

  }, Frame -> True]

enter image description here

If I find a way to use a Table or such, will update, but it did not work when I tried it.


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