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mathematica use too much memory to Import large dat file

Err... When I try to Import a .dat file by

dat = Import["D:\\TIEGCM\\solar_input\\omni_m_all_years.dat", 


dat = Import["D:\\TIEGCM\\solar_input\\omni_m_all_years.dat"];

mathematica run out of memory and crashed the kernel,I admitted that the dat file is a bit large ~38Mb, however, it shouldn't have been a problem considering my 2G RAM. And when I checked the progresses by Process Explorer, I found that the Private Bytes of one MathKernel.exe grows rapidly from 63Mb all the way to more than 700Mb when I evaluate the code dat = Import[...] listed above. How could this happen?Help!!!!!

the omni_m_all_years.dat file can be download under ftp://cdaweb.gsfc.nasa.gov/pub/data/omni/low_res_omni/ (in fact you can Import the dat file directly from website if your Mma has good connection with internet) and I use Mathematica9.0 under Windows7