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Jan 25 at 4:07 comment added Bob Hanlon With v13.0, for the first integral I do not get a conditional result, just (5 + 2*λ)/(2 + 4*λ) and the second integral gives this same result if the assumption is changed to 0 < λ <= 1/4
Jan 24 at 19:29 comment added Daniel Huber The first integral without simplification contains "Log"'s. As Log is a multivalued function it is no surprise that different results can be obtained.
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Jan 24 at 12:28 comment added Ulrich Neumann If I use the option Mathematica gives a result with the restriction Re[\[Lambda]] == 0
Jan 24 at 12:25 comment added Mohit Kumar I have v12.2 Student Edition. Maybe you didn't use the principal value option?
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Jan 24 at 12:13 comment added Ulrich Neumann What's your Mathematica version? v12.2 says integral doesn't converge!
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