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List plot 3D not showing correct data

I have a list of values of the form {{a_1,b_1,c_1},{a_2,b_2,c_2}...} where a goes from 0 to 30, b goes from 0 to 30, and c goes from 0 to .05. For some reason, when I plot this using ListPlot3D I get ranges of 1 to 4, 0 to 40, and 0 to 500 respectively (the number of data points that I am plotting.

The exact command that I am using is: ListPlot3D[data,PlotRange->{Full,Full,Full},AxesLabel->{"Length","Distance","Time"}]

Does anyone know what might be the issue?

Note: If anyone wants to look at the actual data, I posted it here.