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HoldForm: Display exactly as entered?

Sometimes, Mathematica's internal representation of expressions can give somewhat surprising results. Specifically, I noticed this when I tried to preserve products of fractions for display.

E.g. the following example as in "HoldForm does not Hold Form for fractions sometimes":

enter image description here

i.e. it isn't easily possible to preserve the output fractions as they are written. This is actually surprising though, because Mathematica internally preserves the "product of two fractions" form:

In[1]:=  HoldForm[1/x 1/y]  // InputForm
Out[1]=  HoldForm[(1/x)*(1/y)]

In[2]:=  HoldForm[1/x 1/y]  // FullForm
Out[2]=  HoldForm[Times[Times[1,Power[x,-1]],Times[1,Power[y,-1]]]]

Is there some way to get Mathematica to display such forms as actual product of fractions in any of the formatted output forms, without manually adding holdform constructs?