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How to "completely" hide all animator controls in Manipulate[]

The following generates a Manipulate[] with an animator that is controlled with a slider and buttons.

Manipulate[Graphics[], {a, 1, 4}, ControlType -> Animator, AppearanceElements -> None]

I do not want the buttons at all and I don't want to lose any space where the controls would have been. The look I want is given by

Manipulate[Graphics[], {a, 1, 4}, ControlType -> None, 
 AppearanceElements -> None]

Notice there are no sliders, buttons or appearance elements and no lose space. Just a blank frame.

My issue is that I want the control type to be animator and I can't seem to get the desired look. Is it possible to retain animator as the control type but without any buttons or slider at all while not displaying any wasted space?