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Top new questions this week:

How can I find a functional square root in Mathematica?

A functional square root of a function $g$ is another function $f$ such that $g=f\circ f$. According to that article, there is a systematic approach to finding a functional square root that involves ...

equation-solving calculus-and-analysis  
asked by flinty 10 votes
answered by flinty 2 votes

The numerics of FresnelS[]

Bug introduced in 12.1 or earlier and persisting through 12.1.1 or later [CASE:4615361] Note: A worse problem existed in 12.0 for inputs greater than 8 and of precisions less than 43.66; 12.1 fixed ...

bugs numerics special-functions  
asked by Michael E2 9 votes
answered by J. M.'s technical difficulties 6 votes

How to enter a nuclear reaction?

Sometimes the simplest things are the most difficult, I need to make a presentation, and I thought to do it in Mathematica, I wanted to do a demonstration too, well...this is the Rutherford's equation ...

formatting physics writing  
asked by Chris Schwenke 9 votes
answered by Bob Hanlon 14 votes

How to find a numerical antiderivative with NIntegrate methods?

@JimBelk asked in Interpolating an Antiderivative how to find a numerical antiderivative. I gave an answer that uses NDSolve with the default method for integrating $y'=f(x,y)$. However for ...

calculus-and-analysis numerical-integration approximation  
asked by Michael E2 8 votes
answered by Michael E2 9 votes

How to draw one-line Venn diagram?

This is the a list of set. data = {{"A"}, {"J"}, {"Q"}, {"G", "H"}, {"I", "O"}, {"B", "C", "E", ...

graphics visualization  
asked by partida 6 votes
answered by kglr 10 votes

How to get the progressive application of list of rules?

all. I need some suggestion on this problem. I have a very long list of rules, using this list of rules I want to see how some elements evolve as I successively apply the next rules on the previous ...

function-construction replacement  
asked by Gummala Navneeth 5 votes
answered by march 8 votes

How to express permutation as the least number of exchanges

If there are grammatical or terminological errors in the following description, please help correct: In some problems, it is necessary to find out what minimum number of exchanges can change a list ...

combinatorics permutation  
asked by Ordinary users68 5 votes
answered by J. M.'s technical difficulties 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Skip header lines on import

When importing a data file what are the comment symbols for Mathematica? That is, given a file like this blabla bulbul 1 2 6 54 7 ... .. what symbol do I have to put in front of header lines so ...

import text  
asked by MaxJ 20 votes
answered by george2079 18 votes

Calculate the 2D Fourier transform of an Image

I am new to Mathematica, and using version 8.0. I would like to calculate the 2D Fourier Transform of an Image with Mathematica and plot the magnitude and phase spectrum, as well as reconstruct the ...

image-processing image fourier-analysis  
asked by user8727 15 votes
answered by Nasser 32 votes

How do I plot a plane EM wave?

I would like to display an electromagnetic (EM) wave. I have written code that works, but it does not "shade" the area between the graph and the axes. Both the Filling and EdgeForm commands are ...

graphics physics visualization  
asked by Rainforest Frog 22 votes
answered by J. M.'s technical difficulties 16 votes

How to make the digits of π go around in a spiral like this?

Here is a start. MapIndexed[Text[Reverse[First[RealDigits[Pi,10,252]]][[Tr@#2]],#]&, Table[{t Cos[t],t Sin[t]},{t,0,16Pi,0.2}]]//Graphics

graphics formatting generative-art  
asked by matrix89 56 votes
answered by Martin Ender 71 votes

How to create effect like Van Gogh's stroke brush?

I need to apply Van Gogh's stroke brush effect to a random image Take the following image as an example: Thank you so much if you could help!

image-processing code-request generative-art  
asked by user10495 34 votes
answered by Simon Woods 51 votes

Cutting bagels into linked halves

I recently came across this video: Mathematically correct breakfast, which shows how a bagel can be neatly sliced into two identical linked halves. I'd like to try this with Mathematica. Here's a ...

graphics graphics3d  
asked by rm -rf 62 votes
answered by Heike 75 votes

QR Code in shopping cart handle

This week, the market people from my work wanted to put QR codes in shopping cart handles, but when they tested it, the QR code did not work. I noted that the cylindrical curvature (even small) ...

asked by Murta 194 votes
answered by halirutan 191 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Import OVF 2.0 Vector field files

I'm using a simulation software (mumax3) which outputs OVF_2.0 files. It can either export binary or text files. The binary files are usually much smaller than the text files. I would like to use the ...

import vector binary  
asked by Walter Lars Lee 1 vote
answered by Walter Lars Lee 0 votes

Solving system of coupled PDEs with method of lines

I'm trying to solve: $\partial _{z} U(z,t) = i \sqrt{d} P(z,t)$ $\partial _{t} P(z,t) = -P(z, t) + i \sqrt{d} U(z,t) + i \Omega_{c}(t)S(z, t)$ $\partial _{t} S(z,t) = i \Omega_{c}(t)P(z, t)$ For the ...

differential-equations numerical-integration  
asked by pbdiddy 1 vote

Trouble verifying a solution to a differential equation

I am reading a physics book which has discussed one approach towards solving the differential equation $$ \frac{d^2 x(t)}{dt^2} = Cx(t) $$ as follows: Using Mathematica to solve the equation. I ...

differential-equations simplifying-expressions symbolic physics algebraic-manipulation  
asked by George 3 votes
answered by PaulCommentary 0 votes
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