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Top new questions this week:

Library for FEAST method is missing

Mathematica (V 12.3.1, Native Mac M1 version) is not letting me use the FEAST method for solving eigenvalue problems. For example, ...

linear-algebra eigenvalues mac-os-x system-limitations  
asked by user99x 12 votes
answered by user99x 10 votes

Definition of a ResourceFunction

There is a feature called ResourceFunction in Mathematica. For example you can color a string with rainbow style.

functions documentation resourcefunction  
asked by imida k 12 votes
answered by Domen 13 votes

Simplify radical expression (a + b - Sqrt[a^2 - b^2])/Sqrt[a + b]

I have the following expansions: $\frac{a+b-\sqrt{a^2-b^2}}{\sqrt{a+b}}$ and $a>b>0$ Obviously we can simplify it further by hand $\sqrt{a+b}-\sqrt{a-b}$, but Mathematica doesn't know how to ...

simplifying-expressions expression-manipulation algebraic-manipulation radicals  
asked by expression 10 votes
answered by Akku14 5 votes

Generating random sequence of integers with ordering constraints

I would like to write a Mathematica routine for generating random musical melodies that obey (some of) the constraints of traditional tonal harmony. For simplicity's sake, I'm interested only in ...

random sound modeling random-process  
asked by Kim Fierens 10 votes
answered by George Varnavides 14 votes

How to draw the dashed line automatic behind of a pyramid?

I am trying to draw this pyramid like this I tried ...

asked by John Paul Peter 6 votes
answered by kglr 9 votes

Real-valued integral gives large imaginary part

I found a very strange result in Integrate command. I numerically integrated $$\int_{-1}^1 \int_{-1}^1 \frac{1}{|x|^{2/5} |y|^{3/10} |x-y|^{7/10}} dx dy.$$ ...

asked by eigenvalue 6 votes
answered by Akku14 7 votes

MorphologicalEulerNumber misbehaving in 3D?

Context I would like to compute the MorphologicalEulerNumber of 3D GaussianRandomField as a function of height above a given threshold. Attempt I proceed as follows:...

bugs computational-geometry topology morphologicalcomponents  
asked by chris 5 votes
answered by thorimur 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to find the position of elements in a list satisfying criteria

Say I have a list x={2,4,6,8,10} and I want to find out the positions of the elements that are greater than 7. ...

asked by PeterR 71 votes
answered by J. M.'s torpor 68 votes

Creating the Yin Yang symbol with minimal code

The following code creates the Yin Yang symbol ...

graphics programming geometry code-golf  
asked by nilo de roock 21 votes
answered by kglr 29 votes

How to make the digits of π go around in a spiral like this?

Here is a start. MapIndexed[Text[Reverse[First[RealDigits[Pi,10,252]]][[Tr@#2]],#]&, Table[{t Cos[t],t Sin[t]},{t,0,16Pi,0.2}]]//Graphics

graphics formatting generative-art  
asked by matrix89 57 votes
answered by Martin Ender 73 votes

Help find a bright object on Mars!

In today's news, scientists found a bright object on one of Curiosity's photos (it's near the bottom of the picture below). It's a bit tricky to find - I actually spent quite some time staring at the ...

asked by Victor K. 202 votes
answered by Niki Estner 263 votes

Finding unit tangent, normal, and binormal vectors for a given r(t)

For my Calc III class, I need to find $T(t), N(t)$, and $B(t)$ for $t=1, 2$, and $-1$, given $r(t)=\{t,t^2,t^3\}$. I've got Mathematica, but I've never used it before and I'm not sure how to coerce ...

equation-solving calculus-and-analysis geometry vector-calculus homework  
asked by a98 32 votes
answered by Artes 46 votes

$\LaTeX$ and Mathematica

I quite often would like to draw graphics in my $\LaTeX$ documents using Mathematica. I have encountered three problems. I would like to know if there are any workarounds to these problems I would ...

graphics export latex  
asked by Thomas Rot 132 votes
answered by Simon 46 votes

Make a scatter plot from two lists

I have two lists of values xx = {0.1, 0.3, 0.35, 0.57, 0.88, 1.0} yy = {1.2, 3.5, 4.5, 7.8, 9.0, 12.2} I want to make a scatter plot (list plot) with xx as x ...

asked by JACKY Li 28 votes
answered by Eric Thewalt 42 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Mathematica package for computing Macdonald polynomials

I want to implement computation of Macdonald polynomials in mathematica. A similar question was raised in another question 5 years ago (Macdonald-Koornwinder polynomials?), but received no clear ...

polynomials code-request algebra  
asked by Nugi 2 votes

Link lifetime of data to notebook cell

I am looking for a way to attach some data to an arbitrary cell, with the following requirements: Given the CellObject for the cell, I can retrieve the data The ...

front-end notebooks  
asked by Lukas Lang 1 vote

Finding recurrence relation from an inexact numerical sequence

Consider the recurrence relationship d[0] = 0; d[i_] := (1 + Sqrt[1 + 4 d[i - 1]^2])/2 /; i >= 1 which generates the following sequence (generated by using <...

data filtering recursion signal-processing sequence  
asked by TDH 2 votes
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