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Top new questions this week:

Explicit length of ticks in a Plot

Ticks or Frameticks are defined in the following way: {{x1,label1,len1},...} tick marks with specified scaled length With the following information: ...

plotting ticks  
user avatar asked by mathematica_guy Score of 6
user avatar answered by Daniel Huber Score of 1

RegionIntersection for CountryData polygons

I am using v12.2.0-Win7-x64. ...

regions geography  
user avatar asked by Syed Score of 6
user avatar answered by kirma Score of 6

SolidMechanicsStress returns, that the stress is equal to zero

I am trying to compute a deformation and a stress of a material with a custom material law. I have successfully computed the deformation using ...

bugs finite-element-method solidmechanics  
user avatar asked by lemurman Score of 6
user avatar answered by user21 Score of 2

Combining a list with a certain index of a list

I have two lists. One with three levels (list) and a second one (list 2) ...

user avatar asked by Cptn Bluebear Score of 6
user avatar answered by WReach Score of 4

How to make a simple CRUD app with wolfam cloud?

I'd like to see an example of a basic create-read-edit-delete application using the wolfram cloud. For this a to-do list app would be best - where you can add a Todo item with details, and edit and ...

user avatar asked by user5601 Score of 5

Automated generation of homework questions for line problems

I try to help my children in their subjects, I built a small code so that it has as output questions regarding the equation of the line, but I have not been able to modify it so that the result comes ...

list-manipulation programming string-manipulation  
user avatar asked by padre Score of 5
user avatar answered by Nasser Score of 6

How to solve logic problem with a joker sometimes tell truth and sometimes lie?

If there are only truth teller and liar, I used to solve with BooleanConvert or SatisfiabilityInstances. However for this one, ...

boolean-computation logic  
user avatar asked by timhu Score of 5
user avatar answered by user293787 Score of 5

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Crack CAPTCHA using deep learning

Deep convolutional neural networks are very good at computer vision related tasks. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is one important branch of computer vision. In fact, the convolution neural ...

machine-learning neural-networks ocr  
user avatar asked by xslittlegrass Score of 90
user avatar answered by xslittlegrass Score of 99

Code that generates a mandala

My little brother asked me to print original mandalas for coloring. I would like some idea on how to create them, but without color, so he can color them. examples

graphics programming generative-art  
user avatar asked by zeros Score of 79
user avatar answered by Anton Antonov Score of 101

Solving $L=\frac{3}{2} \sqrt{4 \pi ^2 A^2+W^2}-\frac{\sqrt{5 W \sqrt{4 \pi ^2 A^2+W^2}+6 \pi ^2 A^2+3 W^2}}{\sqrt{2}}+\frac{3 W}{2}$ for $W$

When I solve the aforementioned equation for $W$ or $A$ on Mathematica I get a long and ugly equation in return, namely one of the solutions for $W$ is: (attempt to read at your own health) ...

equation-solving functions approximation  
user avatar asked by J.D'Almbert Score of 8
user avatar answered by Alexei Boulbitch Score of 15

What are the most common pitfalls awaiting new users?

As you may already know, Mathematica is a wonderful piece of software. However, it has a few characteristics that tend to confuse new (and sometimes not-so-new) users. That can be clearly seen from ...

programming core-language faq guidelines  
user avatar asked by Dr. belisarius Score of 531
user avatar answered by Michael E2 Score of 313

How to make a spiroglyphic?

Some (older) members of this group might remember playing vinyl LP records. Recently, at the Abbey Road studio there was a spiroglyphics coloring book for sale. It looks like a nice programming ...

image-processing code-request generative-art  
user avatar asked by TheDoctor Score of 15
user avatar answered by b3m2a1 Score of 19

How do I make a 3DPlot using cylindrical coordinates?

I'm trying to plot a function of the form $z(r,\theta)$ where $r \in [0, R]$ for a finite R, $\theta \in [0,2\pi[$, and z is the third coordinate, a function of the first two. I couldn't find anything ...

user avatar asked by Learning is a mess Score of 20
user avatar answered by whuber Score of 29

Creating a table/Matrix during a For loop

I have a For loop (with i as a counter), which calculates different values (y1, ...

user avatar asked by Solarboy Score of 12
user avatar answered by Mr.Wizard Score of 15

Can you answer these questions?

Dedekind Zeta Function in Mathematica (at least for quadratic number field)

Does there exist some way to use Mathematica to compute the Dedekind Zeta function for an arbitrary algebraic number field? Or does there exist some package to do this? I am actually only interested ...

special-functions packages number-theory  
user avatar asked by Mike Battaglia Score of 3

Is there more complete documentation of DSolve with all hacks?

I know DSolve. I know this community and I am able to gather some hacks. There is this: ...

differential-equations documentation undocumented  
user avatar asked by Steffen Jaeschke Score of 3

Is it safe to alias a ResourceFunction with a symbol of the same name?

The following will show how easy I alias Ding which is my very first ResourceFunction and it works very well. ...

functions warning-messages symbols resourcefunction input-alias  
user avatar asked by Jules Manson Score of 2
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