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Top new questions this week:

Association vs Pair - Creation performance, Selection performance

Suppose that we ...

list-manipulation functions performance-tuning function-construction filtering  
asked by imida k Score of 11
answered by Henrik Schumacher Score of 15

Applying Style to Around objects

How do I apply Style to Around objects? Are there any workarounds, resource functions or custom solutions available? Thanks for ...

output-formatting style around  
asked by Syed Score of 9
answered by bmf Score of 9

Can Mathematica calculate this elliptic, triple integral?

Integrate[(4 a b/Pi) (a^2 + b^2 - 2 a b Cos[c])^(1/2), {a, 0, 1}, {b, 0, 1}, {c, 0, Pi}] I'm using basic plan, it gives me the result like that. The ...

calculus-and-analysis numerical-integration special-functions  
asked by jerryed Score of 9
answered by Hans Olo Score of 22

How can I generate a Swiss-Cheese type region and render it transparent?

I am trying to visualize a percolation model that is equivalent to a swiss-cheese where the holes are conducting. At some point, the size of the holes gets large enough for them to touch and a ...

graphics graphics3d regions  
asked by bertwood Score of 7
answered by cvgmt Score of 7

Why does DSolve give 1/0 on this first-order Riccati ODE?

This is from a textbook. Why does DSolve give 1/0 using Mathematica v13.0.1 on Windows 10? Does it happen using other versions? ...

asked by Nasser Score of 7
answered by Michael E2 Score of 5

Getting the "correct" branch of a complex function

This stuff always trips me up. I'm trying to plot a function and I think that the plot looks good in one region and isn't really what I'm expecting in another: The right side of the plot is what I am ...

plotting complex branch-cut  
asked by Diffycue Score of 7
answered by Michael E2 Score of 5

How to remember evaluation across sessions?

I am performing a very time-consuming symbolic calculation. When I reopen a saved Mathematica notebook, it takes quite a long time to evaluate. Is there an option to tell Mathematica to remember the ...

evaluation notebooks memory memoization  
asked by Yrefef Score of 6
answered by rhermans Score of 7

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Drawing a square root spiral

Here is a start. I'm looking for a nice way to draw it. ...

graphics geometry  
asked by matrix89 Score of 24
answered by Bob Hanlon Score of 23

Why I get the "Set::write: "Tag Times in is Protected." error?

Why I get the error below with this code: ...

asked by Aurelius Score of 10
answered by Mark McClure Score of 13

Get a "step-by-step" evaluation in Mathematica

Is it possible in Mathematica to get a step-by-step evaluation of some functions; that's to say, outputting not only the result but all the stages that have led to it? If so, how does one do it? ...

evaluation interactive faq  
asked by Cydonia7 Score of 135
answered by J. M.'s slightly less busy Score of 114

Are you interested in purchasing David Wagner's "Power programming with Mathematica"?

I recently contacted McGraw-Hill to see if they have a mechanism in place for printing out-of-print books that are still of interest. Specifically, I asked about "Power programming with Mathematica" ...

asked by Todd Allen Score of 164
answered by Todd Allen Score of 239

How to make a spiroglyphic?

Some (older) members of this group might remember playing vinyl LP records. Recently, at the Abbey Road studio there was a spiroglyphics coloring book for sale. It looks like a nice programming ...

image-processing code-request generative-art  
asked by TheDoctor Score of 15
answered by b3m2a1 Score of 19

Plotting a Phase Portrait

I'm trying to plot a phase portrait for the differential equation $$x'' - (1 - x^2) x' + x = 0.5 \cos(1.1 t)\,.$$ The primes are derivatives with respect to $t$. I've reduced this second order ODE to ...

plotting differential-equations  
asked by covertbob Score of 43
answered by David Slater Score of 41

Generate a Unit Circle Trigonometry

Struggling often with Trigonometry I would like to have some code to generate this Unit Circle Trigonometry. Would be of great help when I need to transform some data :

graphics trigonometry  
asked by 500 Score of 18
answered by Mark McClure Score of 32

Can you answer these questions?

ContourPlot of function returning blank

I am trying to use ContourPlot to plot a relationship but am not having any luck. When I run: ...

asked by wilsb Score of 1

Some ctrl-dependent shortcuts not working as expected after update to Mathematica 13

I recently updated to Mathematica 13 and now some of my ctrl-dependent shortcuts doesn't work. Ctrl+/ which is used for fraction and ctrl+= which is used for inline free-form cells doesn't work. In ...

asked by CMDJojo Score of 1

General solution of 2-nd order ODE with power-law term and parametric constants

I'm trying to get a general solution to the given differential equation. What substitution I'm supposed to apply to get the solution? ρ,Ω and ...

asked by Ella7 Score of 1
answered by Michael E2 Score of 0
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