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Addicted to Mathematica and now also to mathematica.SE :)

I don't know how often you vote on mma.SE but not often enough!

Easy question? Search for duplicate before answering, use this: "is:answer isaccepted:yes (+function you'd use e.g. ListConvolve) (relevant tag e.g.: [Dynamic])"

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RuleCondition, very convenient, way to make replacements in held expressions - WReach

"[...] generally the price of dynamic updating is change of Head." - Vitaliy Kaurov

"Module variables should never appear inside Dynamics ... internal to that Module." - John Fultz

"[...] Evaluated -> True localizes x before evaluation: [...] " - Mr. Wizard

functions with down values won't autocompile ... in Table, Map, Nest - Mike Honeychurch